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Audiometer Calibration & Maintenance in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Keep your audiological equipment functioning properly with audiometer calibration and maintenance from Audiological Service of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.


We provide audiometers that evaluate your hearing and balance. Our team services all brands of audiometers, and we provide calibrations and preventative maintenance. Typically, audiometers must be calibrated annually to ensure optimal performance.


Audiological Service Works with:

• ENTs
• Neurologists
• Family Practices
• Hospitals
• Schools
• Industrial Sites

Generally, our services are provided on-site at your location, but we do have the capability to receive your equipment, make repairs, and send it back to you. All equipment at Audiological Service is certified to ANSI standards. We provide equipment service for all major brands, including:



Hearing Aid, Audiometer Calibration, Audiometer Maintenance in Harrisburg, PA

Audiological Equipment Sales in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Receive the best deals on the equipment you need when you rely on the informed audiological equipment sales team at Audiological Services in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Dedicated & Informed Sales Staff

Our sales staff is factory trained on all the equipment we offer. The majority of sales are conducted on-site at the client's location, allowing for a full and in-depth assessment of your needs. Our sales team is dedicated to the same standards as our equipment services team.

We have a variety of resources, including brochures and emails, to keep you informed about new products. The sales team from Audiological Service always provides demonstrations to showcase our products.

Audiological Service Sells the Following Equipment:

• Sound Booth Enclosures
• Visual Reinforcement Audiometers
• Balance Assessment Equipment
• Middle Ear Analyzers
• Otoscopes

• Audiometers

Ear Analysis, Audiological Equipment Sales in Harrisburg, PA


Request a service from our audiological equipment sales team in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
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